The cost of a translation is primarily calculated on the basis of the number of words,  the subject matter, level the complexity of formatting and the time of delivery.  There is no “one- size-fits-all” formula. That’s why we take the time to really understand your needs before we quote. 


English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation prices are generally divided into following three categories:

•The standard category is typically made up of personal or business letters or general introductions that require no special subject knowledge in translation.

•Advanced documents are legal, government or academic documents that require some specialist knowledge to translate between Chinese and English.

•Technical documents are those that require a good understanding of a particular subject matter such as aviation, biological,  engineering or medical terminology in translation.

Each category has a different pricing factor and final price can be negotiated.


provides for consecutive, simultaneous or telephone interpreting service. Please contact us for service charges.


Printing prices are varied and are usually dictated by the size and quality of paper and the numbers of the final copies.

So whether you are a private individual or an organisation, we guarantee that we provide competitive price with superb quality.  Contact us today for a free quote.
For first-time clients placing large orders, I shall require a downpayment of 30% to 50%. We use the following methods of payment:




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